The law faculty is renowned for its research and teaching which covers the full breadth of law and goes far beyond the national boundaries. With its international focus and roots going far back in the Dutch legal order, the faculty has helped to train many generations of legal professionals for key positions within a society governed by the rule of law. The research of the faculty is not restricted to just one core issue, but aims at excellent cutting-edge research across the full breadth of law.

The legal postacademic education office is a part of the law faculty University Leiden settled in the beautiful old observatory room. We are the central enquiry point for the University Leiden and can help you to organize a memorable event, whether a small day meeting, a dinner, or a large International conference for up to 400 people.

There are few places offering the variety that Leiden can – from meeting rooms in old churches and the old academy building to modern lecture rooms seating hundreds of delegates. Add in top-class dining and thousands of college bedrooms, and you have the perfect mix. Together, the university and the post education office make up for a perfect combination that can adapt to the biggest or smallest needs.

You can be sure that your visit to Leiden will help the university and the postacademic education office to maintain investment in education and in the superb facilities that Leiden has to offer. We can put together a value-for-money package for your event. Find out more by browsing this website or email us for information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .